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Julieta's POV

Snow fell to the ground as Sonja, Rayne, Alice, Selene, Eve, Violet, Sebastian, Grimm and I fought off the army of lycans.

I helped my family where they needed it, using my swords to kill the lycans that they couldn't get or pulling out my pistol and shooting one that was about to leap on Selene from behind. Blood sprayed up onto my face and my clothing but I didn't care.

I looked around after killing the lycan behind Selene and saw that ten lycans had Alice cornered by the wall of the castle. Snarling I put my pistol away and pulled my two-handed sword out as I ran to my fiancé's side, swinging my sword and killing six of them which left four. Just as I was turning to strike them down, she jumped over them and spun with her sword, slicing the backs of their necks. The lycans fell to the ground dead.

She looked at me and smiled before jumping over me to knock a lycan over that was comin up behind me. I turned around to see her crouched over it, her sword embedded in its chest. She stood up and swiftly pulled her sword out.

I grinned and then jumped back into the battle, using the weather to help kill some of them; lightening bolts striking some and killing them instantly.

However, more appeared, climbing down from the top of the castle walls or leaping over the gates at us all. Selene and Sonja moved almost as one as they both fought back to back and killed the lycans, Sebastian used his sword and shadow powers, surrounding some with the darkness.

Violet teleported wherever she could and used her swords as well as her guns, Eve tore into the furry beasts while Rayne sliced her way through a large crowd of them and Grimm fought alongside her.

A lycan leaped at me, sending me onto the ground. My two-handed sword was knocked out of my hands and landed six feet from me. I glanced at it and then looked back up at the lycan, growling. The lycan snarled and clawed my stomach. I bared my fangs and growled up at it as I tried to push it off of me, but it was too heavy. I quickly turned my head to the side as it tried to bite my face. Suddenly the weight of it was gone.

Turning my head, I saw Eve crouched over the lycan and ripping its head off its body. I blinked and tried to stand up, but I fell back down. Blinking again, I tried to once more I fell back down onto the ground. Snow fell from the sky and landed on my face and body. Next thing I knew someone was lifting me up off the ground, I could feel their arms holding me as they carried me inside the manor.

I managed to turn my head to see who it was. Golden eyes stared down at my face, tears in them. Alice. She was saying something, her lips moving but I couldn't make out what she was saying since all I could focus on was that she's here. She's actually here again.

I blinked once and opened my mouth to speak as she gently set me down in the bed of my old room here in the manor.

"Stay with me. Please I can't loose you babe.", she was saying as she sat behind me on my bed cross-legged.

I blinked again and coughed, my stomach in pain. It was then that I smelt the blood. Then that I felt the wetness on my clothing. It was then that I felt weak.

She held me as I coughed, gently lifting me up and setting my head in her lap as she ran her fingers through my black, matted hair.

"Try to hold on longer....please...I....",she started to say but I put a finger to her lips, silencing her.

"I loved the times we had together Alice. From the beginning to now.", I said weakly.

A tear rolled down her cheek and dropped onto my face. I raised my hand up and shakily wiped her eye gently, givin her a small smile.

She smiled back, though I could see it was filled with pain.

"'s my time to go my love.", I said.

"No. You're not leaving. When I died, you kept me alive through your memories and your dreams. You never gave up on me, even going to search for the men who Bo had hired and torturing them. I'm not going to let you die damnit.", she said harshly as she stared down at my face.

I knew she wasn't meaning to be harsh, that she was in pain. I blinked and sighed as I stared up at her face. Her eyes; how they would shine when she'd see me or how they went from light to dark when we were on our honeymoon. Man that was an amazing night. Her laugh, the way it sounds so angelic and fills the world with joy. Her lips; so soft and gentle, tasting like heaven when we'd kiss.

I closed my eyes for a moment, as I started to grow weaker.

"Julieta? Babe?", Alice said.

I opened them and saw she had bitten her wrist, her blood running down her arm. She placed her arm in front of my mouth, not saying anything. That is one of the things I loved about her...about our relationship. We didn't have to say much to express our love for each other. We could just look at each other or smile to tell the other what we were thinking or feeling.

I shook my head, staring into her eyes as if to say stop.

"Damnit Julieta, you need this to live. Now feed.", Alice said.

I still shook my head. My breathing had become shorter and shorter, the blood spilling out of my stomach and onto the comforter, my heartbeat slowing down more and more.

"Feed....please baby. I can't....I won't loose you.", she said, putting her wrist to my lips.

I blinked one last time and then stared up at the ceiling as my breathing stopped as did my heart.

Alice's POV

I watched as Julieta; my love, the reason I was given a second chance to be alive again, my world took her final breath. The light in her eyes disappeared and her body became lifeless, her head still resting in my lap. Tears filled my eyes again, one rolling down my cheek and chin to drip onto her cheek.

I gently grabbed her shoulders and shook her, hoping and praying that she'd snap out of it. She didn't move unfortunately. Still, I didn't give up. I kept trying to wake her.

" on love wake up.", I said, my voice aching from holding back the urge to break down crying.

She didn't move. Didn't blink, just laid on the bed with her head in my lap.

I tried shaking her again, still hoping but nothing. My vision began to blur as I desperately tried waking her up, but to it was no use.

"Alice!", a voice called.

I ignored the voice and kept trying to wake Julieta. My vision blurred again and I laid my upper body across hers as I sobbed into her shirt then.

Third Person Perspective

Alice crying was the only sound inside the castle walls. They echoed everywhere; reaching the kitchen, the living room, dining room and the library.

Rayne walked to Alice and cried with her as she remembered her cousin.
Working on my latest story. Hopefully someone will read it. XD
I have been going to Kirtland for two months now and so far it's been interesting. My classmates in English make it fun as does my teacher. Math however is a bit more difficult,  but I get though it.

Working on five different stories in my down-time. Well, when I have any. And I have also watched a few Skyrim videos on youtube whenever I get the chance.


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